What is Storytelling?

Storytelling is an ancient art, the primeval art, the basis of all communication, imagination and creativity. It has strong bonds with literature, with popular/folk culture, with heritage. It is a homage to the mother tongue, to foreign languages, to the intercultural dialogue.

Narratives are everywhere, in many artistic and socio-cultural sectors the words storytelling and narratives pop up. All have ‘a story to tell’. In this respect oral storytelling as ‘the master of narratives’ has a lot to offer to these media and sectors, and they, in return, offer new carriers and interfaces for storytellers.

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Storytelling Research

  • Building Storytelling Competences: A Competence Level Framework for Storytelling

    The competence level framework for storytelling is a breakdown of the competences from the main domains of Storytelling in 8 Colours.

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  • Storytelling in times of COVID-19

    Due to Corona the cultural & storytelling sector, where human gathering & interaction are inherent to its practice, is facing a major crisis. In the national strategies to fight the virus we were the first to be closed down and will be the last to start back up. The last

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  • A Competence Model for Oral Storytelling

    Competence Model for Oral Storytelling About the Research Toolbox Authors & Publishers Links & Downloads A competence model? A competence model is a set of competences that together define successful performance in a certain professional field. Although a competence model can form the basis for a training program, it is

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