What is FEST?

The Federation of European Storytelling (FEST) is an international network of organisations, networks and associations active in the field of oral storytelling.
FEST has 99 members in 28 different countries, who represent national, regional or local organisations like professional storytelling associations, festival organisers, storytelling training centres, local authorities, academies, colleges, universities, cultural centres or libraries, all with a special interest in oral storytelling.

FEST aims to empower the world of oral storytelling through sharing, learning and relationship building.

FEST wants to enhance the visibility and the recognition of oral storytelling as a performing art.

FEST focuses on professional development of the oral storyteller as a performing artist and as a professional provider of oral storytelling in other (cultural) sectors.

FEST wants to raise the European dimension of oral storytelling events and transnational cooperation in the sector as well as build a 'culture for storytelling' (audience development).

FEST supports the mobility of oral storytellers and organisation staff through conferences, training activities, festivals and mentorship.

FEST supports the oral storytelling sector by:

  • Providing data, research, good practice examples,…
  • Offering effective international communication, networking and sharing structures
  • Looking for synergy with other art forms, link up with other networks and sectors (education, heritage, tourism, social sector …)
  • Creating an international community and providing a link between European and non-European storytelling organisations
  • Act, in the long term, as an advisory structure in the field of storytelling for the European Institutions as well as UNESCO, and other relevant bodies. 

FEST is not about promoting individual storytellers.


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  • Milda Varnauskaitė
  • Pauline Godson Oyoo
  • Paola Balbi
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