FEST and Meseszó Association in cooperation with Csűrdöngölő Cultural Association have the pleasure to invite the international storytelling to the annual FEST conference 2023 in Veszprém, Hungary on June 14 – 17. We are in the process of putting together the programme and we are looking for interesting contributions from storytellers and representatives of storytelling organisations from Europe and beyond to create a rich and relevant programme!

The foundations of the FEST network are its members and their will to collaborate, to share their expertise and knowledge to empower the world of storytelling, to enhance the visibility and recognitions of storytelling as a performing art and to promote the mobility of ideas. The FEST conference is the perfect place and time to create a unique experience through a programme based on free contribution, involvement and generous "tool exchange" of our members.

We are looking for:

  1. A keynote presentation on: The Ongoing Revival of Storytelling
    We wish to invite storytellers, researchers, and scientists within the field of oral storytelling, to contribute their knowledge and findings about the ongoing revival of oral storytelling. The scope of the keynote should be on how the oral tradition of storytelling has evolved since its’ revival in Canada and the US in the 50ties to the present-day modern storytelling.

    Timing: 40 min + 10 min Q&A.
    Note: 1 keynote will be selected

  1. Workshops, lectures, and inspiration sessions on one of the following topics: 
  • Developments in performance storytelling:
    We are looking for practical and active hands-on sessions as well as inspiring lectures that will explore specific topics of performing techniques: voice training for Storytellers, physical training (Movement, gestures, body preparation for performance), multidisciplinary performances (blending with other Arts, digital enhanced environment), artistic delivery techniques
  • Applied Storytelling - The purposeful application of story as a tool for…
    Sessions to share active hands-on tools in the field of Applied Storytelling. We are excited to hear of new developments and are particularly interested in incorporating practical - technique and skill-based workshops in the areas of heritage, language learning, healthcare, and organisational training
  • Professionalising the storyteller – (inter)national cooperation
    We are looking for good practices and Inspirational session on (inter)national collaboration, partnerships with the (non-)artistic sector, …
  • Professionalising the storyteller – entrepreneurial and organisational skills for storytelling
    We are looking for sessions, round tables that deal with establishing festivals on a professional ground, organisational and financial structures for performing arts, the precarity of the artist in the present economy.

Our programme is based on free contribution, there is no fee for session leaders.


Active workshop: max 90min

Lecture: 45min incl. Q&A

Inspiration session: 45min incl. Q&A

We understand that the time frame for workshops is limited, but our aim is to share a multitude of techniques and to nourish curiosity. We hope that you will take this opportunity to inspire and get inspired and give our participants the chance to go back and explore more in depth what suits their Storytelling journey best.

How to apply:

Email the following documents to with FEST conference contribution application” in the topic

  • Session abstract and motivation for applying, include what kind of session you’re proposing (keynote, lecture, inspirational session, workshop), the degree of participation, how many participants, your technical requirements.
  • Relevant Curriculum Vitae
  • Bio (max. 500 characters incl. spaces) + picture in high resolution

Application Deadline: January 29th, 2023, 00:00

If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact us: