After the success of our inaugural Storytellers Conference in Singapore (November 2018) which drew 102 participants, FEAST is now planning its second Conference to be held in conjunction with the Bengaluru Storytelling Festival. The conference will be on 22 & 23 November and will be followed by the Bengaluru Storytelling Festival (BeStFestival) on24 November 2019).

We are seeking proposals for 8 – 10 workshops of 1.5 to 2-hrs duration. Most of our members are professional storytellers, or community tellers who use story in their work (e.g. as librarians, teachers, therapists, community workers etc). We are looking for workshops which will offer them practical skills or approaches to using storytelling. The areas which we think will prove of most interest relate to:

  •  Storytelling skills–e.g. with music, puppets, props, higher level performance skills.
  • Telling to a particular audience – e.g. preschool junior, teens, adults or seniors)
  • Telling for a particular purpose – e.g. cultural heritage, healing, environmental conservation, female empowerment, language learning, bi-lingual telling.

This is not an exhaustive list so please feel free to suggest other topics to us.
This is a very practical conference, so we are not looking for research papers.

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