Candlelit Tales

March 19, 2024

Candlelit Tales was founded by sibling storytellers Aron and Sorcha Hegarty. Sorcha was always a book lover and as the older sibling to Aron (a performer from birth), she would tell him stories to keep him quiet on long bus rides. She quickly found myths were the best way to distract him. Over the years their enthusiasm for story and live performance combined, and they found that once they started telling stories together, they couldn’t stop

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MINI SYMPOSIUM: What’s the Scéal? Storytelling in Ireland Today

November 8, 2021

The National Museum of Ireland – Country Life is excited to present a mini-symposium in collaboration with Poetry Ireland and storytellers from Ireland and abroad on Friday, 26 November.

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Carrying the Songs

July 14, 2021

A story is told and recorded on Inis Mór, a small island off the West coast of Ireland. That story is retold, from person to person, travelling across Ireland and Europe through Scandinavia to Istanbul. Along the way, it is translated, processed by peoples’ own memories, experiences and cultures.

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From the Archive: Storytellers of Ireland Concert FEST 2017

June 23, 2021

Don’t miss this! From the Archive: Watch a Storytellers of Ireland concert from the FEST Conference of 2017 – to be broadcast on Friday 25th June 2021 at 3pm (GMT / Irish time)

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Moth and Butterfly

May 25, 2021

Moth and Butterfly is a storytelling/arts collective, that incorporates Improvisation, true stories, fictional and traditional folk tales. We also run a yearly festival with tellers and audiences from all over the world taking part. At our monthly ‘flagship’ night in Galway, stories are a combination of the ‘CREW’ of storytellers, invited guests and some contributions from our audience/listeners. We are one of Galway’s most treasured arts nights, and we aim to showcase and nurture many different types of storytelling, both in Ireland and beyond. What is your expertise? Our core group is comprised of arts professionals who are Storytellers. Members are also poets, writers, musicians and facilitators. Our artistic director is a storyteller, writer, performer and master level improv facilitator. We work with multilingual, improvisation and tandem telling as well as traditional and personal stories. What kind of activities do you organise? We organise a monthly night of storytelling (online during Covid 19) An annual international festival (online for 2021) of storytelling and improvisation. Collaborations with national organisations such as Poetry Ireland and Culture Night Ireland. Collaborations with festivals such as Body & Soul, Galway Theatre Festival, Yarn Festival Bray, Athenry Arts Festival, as well as bespoke arts events.

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March 18, 2021

World Storytelling day Event – SCÉALAÍOCHT…STORIA….CONTES – Galway 2020

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Yarn Storytelling Fest 2018

The People of the Sea

July 15, 2019

YARN Storytelling Festival Bray took place for the ninth year from 10-18 November 2018. A highlight of the festival was The People of the Sea event, kindly supported by FEST and Creative Europe. As 2018 is the European year of Cultural Heritage we chose the theme of stories from the sea and cast our net out across Europe to bring together a flavour of this shared heritage. We invited Tom Muir from the Orkney Islands, Abbi Patrix from France (with Norwegian heritage) and Nuala Hayes from Ireland. The result was simply magic!

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Storytellers of Ireland / Aos Scéal Eiréann

May 19, 2019

IRELAND IS FAMED THROUGHOUT THE WORLD FOR THE ART OF STORYTELLING. THE SEANCAITHE AND SCÉALAÍ, THE TRADITION BEARERS AND STORYTELLERS, PASSED THE OLD STORIES DOWN THROUGH THE GENERATIONS. TODAY, IN THE 21ST CENTURY, THERE HAS BEEN A REVIVAL OF THE ANCIENT ART. FOUNDED IN 2003, STORYTELLERS OF IRELAND / AOS SCÉAL ÉIREANN IS AN ALL-IRELAND VOLUNTARY ORGANISATION WITH CHARITABLE STATUS. Our aim is to promote the practice, study and knowledge of oral storytelling in Ireland through the preservation and perpetuation of traditional storytelling and the development of storytelling as a contemporary art. We aim to foster storytelling skills among all age groups, from all cultural backgrounds. We also aim to explore new contexts for storytelling in public places – in schools, community centres and libraries, in care centres and prisons, in theatres, arts centres and at festivals throughout the entire island of Ireland. Storytelling is an intimate and interactive art. A storyteller tells from memory rather than reading from a book. A tale is not just the spoken equivalent of a literary short story. It has no set text, but is endlessly re-create in the telling. The listener is an essential part of the storytelling process. For stories to live, they need the hearts, minds and ears of listeners. Without the listener there is no story. Le fiche bliain anuas, tá borradh agus fás tagaithe ar shean-ghairm  inste scéal.  Tá clú agus cáil ar na scéalta ársa agus ar an seanchas  atá le fáil i nÉirinn.  Le déanaí tá siad arís i mbéal an phobail, idir óg is  sean, is i ngach áird is aicme. This website was produced by Storytellers of Ireland/Aos Scéal Éireann with generous support of the Arts Council of Ireland/Comhairle Ealaíon. SOI was established in 2003 to promote and foster the oral tradition of storytelling throughout Ireland.

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National leprechaun museum

May 19, 2019

Folklore made fun, an oral storytelling experience taking you on a trip to the Otherworld, home of leprechauns and other mythical creatures. In the heart of Dublin, somewhere between bars and buskers, not far off the tram, there is a small place of fun and magic. Take a break from your serious self and step into the Otherworld. Come on a voyage back to your childhood, bring back the memories and immerse yourself in a world of myth and legend. We Irish are well known for our captivating storytelling. Filled with your imagination and guided by our Storytellers, you’ll go on a fantastic adventure. Explore the spaces, listen to the stories and learn about mythical Ireland. We dare you to have fun!

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Mermaid Co Wicklow Arts Centre

May 19, 2019

Mermaid Arts Centre opened in 2002. It is a leading space where ideas, creativity, imagination and artistic expression find a natural home. We make and present excellent cultural experiences which delight, engage and inspire. Mermaid exists as a place of interaction between artists and the public. Artists and audiences are at our heart and we are a space for fun, entertainment and for making and enjoying art. The Centre exists to enrich the communities of County Wicklow, by providing and encouraging participation in quality artistic experiences as a leading centre for the arts in Ireland. Mermaid is a creative hub and artistic resource for County Wicklow, creating opportunities for Wicklow audiences to enjoy high quality national and international art spanning all art forms and supporting Wicklow based professional and amateur artists and companies. While our vision reflects a wide range of interests our key role is as a place for people to gather and our success as a local centre in Wicklow for creative enterprise ensures our appeal to national and international artists and visitors. Underlying and informing our vision and our remit are three core pillars of activity: • CREATE a hub for creative entrepreneurs in Wicklow • PRESENT wide ranging programme across disciplines • ENGAGE communities and build networks

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