Associación de Profesionales de la Narración Oral en España (AEDA)

March 19, 2024

AEDA is the Association of Professional Storytellers in Spain. All our members are professional storytellers, so our expertise is Storytelling. Some of the activities we offer are: summer school every summer for professional and non professional people who are interested in diving deeper into the world of storytelling and online trainings in specific areas aimed at professional and non professional storytellers. The association is open to all professional storytellers working in Spain and its main goals consist in improving the situation of Storytellers and Storytelling, as well as spreading a love for the profession. 

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Asociación Tagoral

November 29, 2021

Our objectives: We wish to promote, improve and disseminate oral narration within the community of the Canary Islands, to compile and prepare documents on the narrative trade. To create areas for reflection and research on the trade and promote the training of professional and people interested in storytelling. We want to disseminate and report on issues related to the professional activity of oral narration and their working conditions. Your expertise: Our area of work is, mainly, scenic storytelling. However, we seek to create synergies with other scenic disciplines and we delve into the work of narraturgy. Your activities:  We want to connect with new voices, learn about new ideas, and strengthen our ties with the community of people who are dedicated to this profession. We bring people together to teach courses, workshops; and we are creating an International Storytelling Festival. 

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Lighthouse Academy

June 28, 2021

We are a welcoming English academy. Do you want to learn English in a fun way? At Lighthouse Academy we teach English to boys and girls from the age of four, as well as teenagers and adults.

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Project Storytelling exchange

Storytelling exchange between Hearing & Deaf

July 15, 2019

Storytelling exchange between Hearing & Deaf About the Project Coordinator & Partners Links & Downloads Gallery A group of thirteen young people, made of six deaf and seven hearing, of which 2 where interpreters, spent five days together in a beautiful Catalan villa outside Barcelona. The purpose of the retreat was for the hearing and deaf to learn about storytelling and share their stories with each other, learning how to communicate. The deaf community is not homogeneous. Not all deaf people use sign language, many are educated in an oralist system and are able to use their voice and speak. Every deaf person finds his/her own way of living with deafness, some use a cochlear implant, others are able use hearing aids and some just don’t use any electronic devices at all. Each Deaf community has its own sign language, which enables them to share knowledge, open to the world and create their stories. Except for writing the greatest discovery was the power of using body language to communicate. The hearing community learned that one does not need to know sign language in order to connect and the deaf were surprised that it was possible to connect with hearing in such a deep and meaningful way. They had all participated in deaf camps before, but that was by and for deaf only. During this exchange, both deaf and hearing people were sharing at the same level. The language barrier was forgotten and the use of hearing and deaf changed its meaning. It merely became a description of an ability, rather than a label of a participant. Everyone agreed more retreats between people with diverse ways of expressing their languages are needed. TESTIMONIALS It was my first time to connect with hearing community from other countries who use a different language than mine. It was amazing, during this retreat I realised that we had the same “problem”, every person has his own language, I found my language, the sign language, was one language more, so we tried to be able to communicate between us. Simona, Spain Before the event, I’d call myself “non-deaf” or “hearing” but now I’d never use something like that, I’d say I am now member of deaf community with a different ability of speaking. Silence, to me, is the power of storytelling. Coordinator Pocket Stories Ingi Mehus – Founder and project manager mail:   Website: Facebook: Instagram:  Partners Mauka AB (Sweden) Appasióname (Spain) Biryudumkitap (Turkey) The Good Summit (Ireland) Pocket Stories Mauka AB (Sweden)  Appasióname (Spain) Biryudumkitap (Turkey) The Good Summit (Ireland) View all projects

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FEST Conference Photo 2011


June 30, 2019

In 2011 the annual meeting will be in Toledo and we aim to enlarge the Federation so more associations can take part in it. We would also like to create a stable storytelling network, able to move tales and tellers along the old European paths, as well as opening new ones.

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