The Urban Storytelling Oasis

May 19, 2019

The Urban Storytelling Oasis a stortelling paradise in the centre of Zurich. Just the place to relax and dream. Since 2012 almost-forgotten stories have received a new “lease of life” here. Told in Swiss German, High German and English. British storytellers, with their expressive way of telling stories, often visit us. Guests from all around the world find a warm welcome. Lively storytelling art with music, that connects people, cultures and the past.

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FEST Conference Photo 2009


June 30, 2019

FEST 09 was the meeting of 19 countries, represented by 60 storytellers, to determine an international forum or meeting place for European Storytellers. The aim of the Conference was to further the agenda of FEST 08, and to agree on the Memorandum that determined the ambitions, aims and intentions of the FEST organisation as a whole. The Conference also served to bring together many different types of storytelling organisations to share knowledge, information and ideas on current projects, upcoming projects and possible collaborations.

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