VÅR: the story of Hervor

February 19, 2022 Saturday,19:00    -    20:00

VÅR: the story of Hervor

Escape to the Nordic lands, to discover an intimate, livestreamed storytelling event, broadcast live from a beautiful Norwegian log cabin. 

From the quest for a cursed sword buried deep within the earth, to waiting on a platform in Paris, being watched by a stranger… VÅR blends the ancient Norse saga of Hervor with autobiography and electroacoustic music, in a captivating exploration of memory, loss, power, war and identity.

Shining a light on an almost forgotten Norse saga of a Viking warrior woman, VÅR is created and performed by two outstanding Norwegian artists – storyteller, Mimesis Heidi Dahlsveen and composer and musician, Kristin Bolstad. The Collaborating Director is Paula Crutchlow, also collaborating director for Adverse Camber’s Fire in the North Sky and Dreaming the Night Field.

Discover a space where ancient and contemporary stories interlace, filled with striking original music, and be part of this unforgettable online storytelling experience.

A one-hour live, online performance including a wraparound immersive storytelling experience with an audio prologue & epilogue and post-show Zoom Q&A with the artists.

Suitable for ages 12+

Tickets £10 per household on one device.

Vär was created with the support of FEST,  co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.