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Amsterdam Storytelling Festival goes Livestream

October 28, 2020 Wednesday,00:00    -    October 31, 2020 Sunday,00:00

2020… what a year! The year that Corona keeps surprising us and messes up our plans. However, we keep moving and adapting. Reinventing ourselves and coming up with new ways to stay in touch. Because the new theme of our festival this year is REBIRTH. Despite the existing rules we found it important - just like many of you - to keep producing stories and bring them to the stage. This is how we find ourselves in the midsts of preparing the 13th edition of the Amsterdam Storytelling Festival


The festival takes place between Wednesday October 28th until Sunday November 1st in the Podium Mozaiek theater in Amsterdam. While much smaller than previous years we are offering 8 shows, 2 workshops and 4 talks



Of this programme 6 elements will be streamed live and for free. We will do this with Parmando TV.

A partner with a lot of experience in creating and streaming TV programmes in the cultural sector. With them we will make a stream of quality.


Next to the shows we have invested in our talks, of which we believe that they can be of great interest to storytellers and story loving audiences. These talks take place four days in a row, will be between 45 and 60 minutes and take place at 17.30 Amsterdam time.

Among the guests will be the Dutch theater director Titus Tiel Groenestege, Indian contemporary storyteller Abhishek Thapar and theologian Janneke Stegeman. They and others will join festival directors Raphael Rodan and Sahand Sahebdivani for an in-depth conversation. Other returning members of the daily talk are the spoken word artist Margo van de Linde and musician Erik Sjøholm.


We are investing a lot in this new online form of our festival, and find it important not just to make something of quality, but to reach people with it! We all experienced in the various stages of the lockdowns this year how much art and culture is needed to give people a moment of hope.