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European cabaret French style

March 20, 2021 Saturday,20:00    -    22:00
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Along the years French storytellers came to tell their stories in an other language and they tasted the vertigo given by this experience.
One says the storyteller is a translator of the stories. Then let us play with this game of words.

Our borders are closed but we can still celebrate from the inside our World storytelling day. There will music and humour, the web will do the rest.

Welcome to our European cabaret French style. At the heart of this adventure, the painter calligrapher Christophe Badani will trace the colors of our stories live.

Live echoing World Storytelling Day, relayed across Europe by the FEST network.




Paola Balbi

Gigi Bigot

Muriel Bloch

Pépito Matéo

Frida Morrone

Abbi Patrix

Caroline Sire

Julien Tauber


Linda Edsjö

Karsten Hochapfel

João Mota


Christophe Badani