Fortellerfestivalen 2021 – Til Bunns

March 20, 2021 Saturday,14:00    -    16:00
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The performance by German-Norwegian Ragnhild A. Mørch is a tribute to a unique woman and her strength that kept a family together.

Til Bunn unites storytelling, poetry, two languages ​​and cardboard box poetry.

Grand aunt had never intended to set foot on German soil again. But a little over 20 years after the war, she is the guest of honor at her nephew's wedding in Germany. There she is confronted with her story - and the bride's father who came to Norway as a German soldier in April 1940.

Is there forgiveness? And what do Goethe and Rilke have to do with this?

A childhood paradise is the setting for the story, an island where four siblings were allowed to do all that the fjord and the shore have to offer. 

The island belonged to the narrator's great-aunt, with whom we gradually become acquainted. During the performance, we get to hear, through a jigsaw puzzle of stories, about a very meaningful life, lived by a unique woman. 

From a revoked engagement in the 1930s, an escape from Oslo on April 10, 1940 and a wedding, to how she as a widow becomes Norway's first female ship dispatcher and takes care of sick boats. She uses her financial security, among other things, to take care of young people in her immediate family who need a temporary home. One of her foster sons, who turns out to be the narrator's father, eventually returns home with a "German girl" from her studies in Germany.

Ragnhild A. Mørch  is the narrator, director and director.

She has worked with performing arts since 1996, i.a. with direction for major traveling performances, storytelling assignments for the BBC, plays in physical theater, stage production and writing assignments. In 2005, she specialized in oral storytelling both as a performing artist and as an instructor and educator. Since 2011 she works at the University of Arts Berlin, where she leads the further education in storytelling at the department Berlin Career College and teaches oral storytelling at Master level at the Faculty of Performing Arts.

As a narrator, she is invited to international festivals throughout Europe and in North America and she has had performances on theater stages, in museums, schools, libraries, shops, on the street and in private living rooms. Since 2019, she has been the curator of a storytelling project at the newly established cultural institution Humboldt Forum in Berlin.

Her main focus in repertoire selection is her critically acclaimed combination of traditional and (auto) biographical material.

The performance Til Bunns received, she received an artist scholarship from the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe to develop.