Fortellerfestivalen 2021 – Vår

March 20, 2021 Saturday,16:30    -    17:45
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In the year 524 AD, a girl is born whom the people would put out in the woods to die. 
"She has a Jotun mind," it is said, "She will never behave like a woman."


The girl is named Hervor and the prophecy comes true. She grows up and becomes a brutal warrior. 

What happens when someone breaks with what is expected? Are we the stories we tell that we are? How important is memory to shape an identity? How is memory affected by technological development? 

The musical narrator performance Vår takes a closer look at these questions.  Vår is a performance that unites tradition and the present, an ancient saga and the autobiographical, oral storytelling and electroacoustic music.

Mimesis Heidi Dahlsveen is a narrative artist who works nationally and internationally at the intersection of tradition, contemporary and research and art. 

Kristin Bolstad is a musician and composer who works improvisationally and planned and mixes the vocals with place-specific sounds. 

The performance is made in collaboration with Adverse Camber