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Forum #10 Storytelling and conflict transformation: diminishing polarization

November 12, 2020 Thursday,20:00    -    22:00

We seem to live in more and more polarized societies. In the USA reds and blues are constantly fighting each other, with less mutual respect than ever. In the UK pro- and anti Brexiteers can hardly live together in one country anymore. Families are seriously divided cause of this and often people stopped talking to each other. It is easy to sum up many more examples, in current day societies or in recent history. The troubles in Northern Ireland, the Black Lives Matter movement, the conflict in the Middle East, the issues concerning the Roma communities in Europe and the tensions in numerous neighbourhoods between people of different cultural of religious backgrounds or classes, to mention but a few.

From the believe that it is possible to turn this dynamic around and to connect people instead of dividing them by using the sharing of stories, we would like to focus on this topic in the 10th FEST online Forum. We start looking from a theoretical framework, focusing on the principles behind polarization and the benefits of using the sharing of stories. In addition to that we would like to shed the light on some best practices, from different angles.

With Ronni Gurwicz (UK), Stu Packer (UK), Fouad Lakbir (NL), Marigona Shabiu/Bjeshka Guri (KS) and Vicente Yagkali (D/E)

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Thursday the 12th of November, 8 pm (CET)
Beware: 7 pm (GMT), so for people from the UK and Ireland, and 9 pm (EET) for people from Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia)

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