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Masterclass – Oral Storytelling in Different Colours

October 30, 2023 Monday,09:00    -    November 3, 2023 Friday,21:00
Gasthuisvest 50, 2500 Lier, Belgium Get Directions

International masterclass for advanced/experienced performative storytellers based on the competence framework ‘Oral Storytelling in 8 Colours’ of the Federation for European Storytelling at the Performing Arts Academy of Lier in Belgium

About the masterclass:

In this 5 day workshop for advanced/experienced storytellers, we will explore the competence framework ‘Oral Storytelling in 8 Colours’ -developed by the Federation for European Storytelling- in a playful, active and colourful way!
(https://fest-network.eu/research/a-competence-model-for-oral-storytelling/ )

Every day we will focus on a different competence domain with a variety of nice and practical  exercises, experiments, brainstorm sessions, exercise swaps, etc. Let’s say some ‘highlights’ from my own long term course linked to the competence framework.
Especially the 4 main domains of the researcher-craftsman-artist-performer will get our attention. A competence toolbox with visual maps and cards will be our guide and help us to reflect on the work we did.

Which competence areas have you often traveled? What does this say about your unique path? Which competences do you feel attracted to? What does this say about your unique fingerprint?
Which exercises do you want ‘to steal’ and take home, and why?

The aim of this masterclass is to give you some new input, invite and inspire you to explore and continue your unique path, and brighten and broaden your unique fingerprint as a storyteller!

About the teacher:

Veva Gerard (B) is trained as a professional ‘artist of the spoken word’. She graduated from LUCA in Leuven andfrom the Kleine Academie in Brussels. She started as a presenter, recitation artist,

 and actress. In addition, she was an inspired and inspiring teacher in these domains for a long time. Later on, she discovered storytelling.

She lobbied for and ensured storytelling an official place in the renewed art decree for part-time art education by the Ministry of Education. Now, storytelling can be a subsidised course in all academies throughout Flanders, which are interested in organising it.

Her own storytelling course at the academy of Lier is well attended by students from Flanders and the Netherlands, making her a full time teacher. In both Belgium and the Netherlands she is often a guest teacher and sometimes sits on juries.

For the Federation for European Storytelling, she worked on a competence model for oral storytelling, and she developed a toolbox to gain insight into this model.

But of course, she also likes to perform on stage, preferably with her musical storytelling collective 'Sister and such'. www.vevagerard.webs.com - www.zusenzo.webs.com

About the practicalities:

The registration fee is 400 euros. This includes:

  • a five-day masterclass from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm
  • an evening performance on Friday evening by possibly you and local academy students
  • depending on the number of participants 2 to 3 hours of personal online coaching (or live if you happen to be nearby)

The masterclass will take place from Mon 30 October to Friday 3 November 2023
at the Podiumacademie Lier, Gasthuisvest 50, 2500 Lier, Belgium:

The individual coaching sessions take place online or live by appointment.

Interested? Please let us know before July 12 or from July 25 via .

Official registration is op from August 24 via .

The minimum number of participants is 6. The maximum number of participants is 8.

Accommodation and practicalities

Cheap accommodation is located on campus in Bed Muzet: https://www.jeugdherbergen.be/nl/lier

There are also a number of hotels in the beautiful historic center nearby.

Coffee and tea will be provided. Meals are not provided.

For lunch: There is a fridge at school or in Bed Muzet where lunch can be kept. There are sandwich shops and bakeries around the corner.

For dinner: There is a small kitchen for those staying in Bed Muzet. On campus there is the tavern Bar Muza: https://bar-muza.be/ In the nearby historic center there are many dining options. One evening we can also order pizza together, or Belgian fries, or go out for dinner, …


Those arriving by plane in Brussels Airport-Zaventem should take the train to Mechelen. In Mechelen the train to Lier. These are two short rides.

Lier train station is located a 10-minute walk from the city center and a 15-minute walk from the academy.

For those who come by car, there is a free parking at a 5-minute walk from the academy.