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December 29, 2022 Thursday,14:00    -    January 1, 2023 Sunday,20:00
MONASTERO DELLE SUORE DI SANTA BRIGIDA" Via del Monastero, 12 - 02030, Farfa - Fara in Sabina (RIETI) Get Directions
Dear friends Storytellers (of all ages and experiences: old, young and in training) and Story lovers,
after the great success of the past editions and the forced gap, Raccontamiunastoria Storytelling Company is enthusiastic to announce that this year we will be hosting once more our 

a unique creative, community building, art sharing event!

Join us for unforgettable three days of fun, networking, training, sharing of art, stories and emotions in a medieval Italian village with mouthwatering hand made locally sourced food and wine!

Toast with us to a new start  and be part of this "rite of passage"

We will celebrate sharing our dreams and  wishes , plans and vision  for a new year  of Art re-birth with plenty of stories, festivals, cultural exchanges and events.
We will also take the opportunity to relax in a creative environment and share our recent past experiences, our achievements and  challenges of the past year as well as our  thoughts and emotions of being artists in the present time.

The beginning of a new year has always been since very ancient times a strong "portal" for change, a door between the old and the new. The very word "January" derives from the Latin Janus/Janua: the name of the two headed God Janus (one head female and the other male), that looks with one head in front of him to the future and the other backwards to the past, but at the same time a word that also means "door".  
This is a time a time that holds  the magic element of "memories of the future", just like traditional stories! For this reason we think that to celebrate it among storytellers, telling and listening to stories can be the most powerful omen for the days to come!

 The New Year get together will take place in a very ancient and sacred site of pilgrimage both Pagan and Christian and we think it will be significative to mark the beginning of this new year with a pilgrim attitude: with faith in the future and commitment to our everyday path, confident that the light and wisdom of stories will illuminate our steps.

The event aims to be an informal, fun and creative get-together for both Storytellers and affectionate audience with a loose programme running over three days (but anyone can decide to stay for one night only or for the whole time). All family members and friends are welcome!


The programme will be free and by no means mandatory, so everyone can freely decide to take part in how many activities they like and even propose activities on a daily base. Everyone suggestions and contributions will be more than welcome at all times and the final schedule will be organized based on participants suggestions, therefore if you'd like to share a topic, training, a specific story or new project or practice, please get  back to us with your ideas and proposals.


  • Storytelling open floors every night to share and enjoy each other stories and styles (all sessions will be translated or available in English). Local audience will also participate to the events.
  • Music, dance and movement sessions

  • moments of spirituality and meditation

  • Story walks to discover the place (medieval village , ancient abbey and convent of St. Bridget of Sweden)

  • Round tables and group of interest about different topics of Storytelling (ideas and sharing of interests welcome!)

  • Exchange of good practices

  • Morning physical and voice training sessions every day (if you have one to propose and would like to share your training, please contact us)

  • Samples of “Storytelling made in Italy in English

  • Relaxed and safe space to share our thoughts on the present Storytelling International landscape and think/plan the future as cultural professionals

  • Time to enjoy  "togetherness

  • Free time to organize one's own meeting with the participants based on interests and proposals

  • Free time and premises to rehearse, have an artistic residency, network

  • Possibility for all storytellers to share their own projects and ideas (please contact us if you'd like to present a specific topic/ project, bearing in mind that the focus will be on international collaborations and experiences that can be shared with and inspire others)

  • Fun activities including Dance, Singing and  music Jam-Sessions

  • Presentation and round table around the new concept of "Storytelling for tourism" How professionals from the Storytelling and the cultural sector can develop together new innovative format to address tourist audience. 

  • Family friendly Storytelling sessions and activities (contributions welcome by all participants)

  • New Year Eve dinner and party with stories, ex-temporary performances, music jam session (all musicians and instruments welcome”) and free flow dance floor

Please note: This is a unique get-together format. It's not a Festival, nor a show or a residency, but the whole programme is based on exchange and sharing. There is no participation fee and participation to all activities is free and no-one gets paid for their presentations/stories. The event aims to be a "circular economy" initiative where everyone creates values and gets a greater values from everyone.

When & Where

29th - 30th - 31st of December 2022 - 1st of January 2023

(St. Bridget Convent)

Via del Monastero, 12 - 02030, Farfa - Fara in Sabina (RIETI)


There is no registration fee, but only the cost of food and accommodation

75 euros per day 
(children 40 euros per day) 

accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Water, wine and coffee included in the price for lunch and dinner!

Starting from dinner on the 29th 
and ending with New Year lunch on 1st of January

(anyone can decide to stay for one night only or for the whole time)

40 euros extra for New Year's Eve evening dinner/party/midnight toast and surprise meal + New year Day lunch

Isn't that a great bargain?


The venue is not a hotel, but a convent guest house. Rooms are comfortable and with en suite bathrooms, but no luxury. There are no single rooms available, but only double and multiple rooms. Please let us know if you re coming with a room-mate or wish us to find one for you.

Children, families and friends welcome! Please spread the word: the more the merrier!

All meals are included, but the menu is fixedVegetarian options are available as well as gluten free, but it will not be possible to accommodate any other specific request.

Wine is included for all meals in the measure of 1 bottle every 4 people. It will be possible to buy more wine on site. 

Beer is available at the Friar's pub next door.


If you are flying or coming by train, the nearest city is RomePlease let us know your flight arrangement and we will be happy to assist you with local transport.

Avoid late evening flight on arrival and early morning on departure as the venue is in the country side and there are no transport on early and late hours. Alternatively you need to make arrangement to spend a night in Rome.


There are several rooms and spaces that can be used for meetings and rehearsals by participants. Anyone wishing to book a space for a spontaneous meeting or activity is welcome to do so.

All available spaces will be allocated free of charge and on a first come first served basis.


The idea of the event is to spend some time as an international Storytelling Community without a to-do list and without specific tasks, with just enjoying each other art and company and let spontaneous seeds grow. In Raccontamiunastoria we acknowledge that the best collaborations, partnerships and projects are usually born around a table loaded with god food and sipping coffee and wine rather than in a meeting place, and this is simply what we wish to offer in this occasion: a space, good company, good food and drinks and to encourage professional development, personal artistic growth and the conception of new project in a pleasurable relaxed atmosphere.


  • Storyteller wishing to spend new year's eve and day with fellow Storytellers
  • A Festival director /organizer wishing to browse what's happening in the new Storytelling scene in an informal and relaxed atmosphere
  • A Storyteller/Producer Festival organizer wishing to informally spend some time with your peers and brainstorm about new ideas/projects/collaboration
  • A Young Storyteller and wish to spend part of your Christmas holidays with a vibrant community of  Storytellers looking forward to collaborate and share your practice with you
  • A Storyteller/Festival director in your forties and are thinking you would like to know better and do more with people of your age/experience
  • An Experienced Storyteller and wish to breath some fresh air and are willing to challenge your habits/meet new people/experiment with the Storytelling art without a schedule and the pressure of “getting a result”
  • You are a person that loves to listen to stories and be around the storytelling Community
  • ...and eventually if "You never know what to do on New Years' Eve!". This is one you will not easily forget!!!


For people wishing to spend some time in Rome, explore and live the vibe of the city Raccontamiunastoria will also organize a Storytelling "alternative" tour of Rome with our Storytelling tour guides (certified tour guides of Rome fully trained in performing  Storytelling for tourism) on the 28th of December as well as an informal Storytelling evening. Contribution with Christmas and Solstice related stories, music or songs welcome for the evening!.

The tour is organized by the Tour Guides organizations DecameRome and Avventure Urbane, partners of Raccontamiunastoria.

Cost: 12 euros, free for everyone attending the whole New Year Gathering


Raccontamiunastoria Storytelling Company: raccontamiunastoria@yahoo.it

Tel and whatsapp contacts: Paola Balbi - +393498378830  Davide Bardi +393396421465

For the group Storytelling tour of Rome on 28th and other possibilities of tailored guided tours of Rome with a Storyteller Tour Guide: Ambra Naspi +39 3892780343

Please note: Places are limited and will be  assigned on a first come first served bases, with payment of non -refundable deposit of 50 euros (that will be deducted from the final payment).

If you need assistance to find accomodation to spend some more days in Rome, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.