Solo oral storytelling performance – Master Course ‘Oral Storytelling as Artistic Research’

October 14, 2020 Wednesday,10:00    -    October 15, 2020 Thursday,14:00

The students in the Master course Oral storytelling as artistic research will have their solo performances on 14 and 15 October 2020. Each performance is based on a research project the students have been working with during the four-week course.

The pilot course on master level is arranged as a collaboration between The Federation for European Storytelling (FEST) and OsloMet.

Due to Covid19, the course has been arranged as an online course, and the exams will be performed on zoom. The performing language will be English.

Each exam lasts around 20 minutes. Times zone CET.

If you want to experience the storytellers/students, go to the performance by pressing the button

Watch Performance


14th of October

  • 1000 AM - Tamás Oszvald with: The Guy who tell stories
  • 1130 AM - Milda Varnauskaite with: Me, Myself and … the Memaid.
  • 1300 PM - Julian Delgrange with: She comes with Blizzard

15th of October

  • 1130 AM - Heike Vigl with: Don’t Be Afraid of My Stony Face
  • 1300 AM - Shona Cowie with: Storytelling on the Frontline of Scotland’s Fight Against Homelessness - A manifesto for the role of Storyteller in Residence for the Simon Community Scotland

For more info, contact Mimesis Heidi Dahlsveen ().