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December 4, 2021 Saturday,20:00    -    22:00

with Mimesis Heidi Dahlsveen

Welcome to an online storytelling performance for those of you who are up for a good laugh at the absurdity of tradition. This performance contains tales you would not imagine your ancestors told: vulgar and prosaic narratives of the intangible cultural heritage. Which cultural complexity was behind the need to communicate these stories in previous days? The storyteller Mimesis Heidi Dahlsveen will take you on a storytelling journey in which she comments on the background of the stories she tells and discusses why the stories have been censored out of tradition.

Mimesis Heidi Dahlsveen has worked as a storyteller since 1996 both in Norway and abroad. She regularly participates at international festivals throughout  Europe and beyond and has co-run two EU projects focusing on oral storytelling. She is Associate Professor in oral storytelling at Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway, and in 2008, she published the book "Introduction to oral storytelling", Universitetsforlaget. In 2019, her second book was released on the same topic. She has written several academic articles, where she uses artistic research as an input to understand oral storytelling and narratives. Her focus is on letting traditional stories shed light on contemporary themes.

This event is part of the certificate course "Künstlerisches Erzählen - Storytelling in Art and Education" at the UdK Berlin Career College (https://erzaehlen.udk-berlin.de/)  and presented in collaboration with Erzählkunst e.V. (https://erzaehlkunst.com/