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FEST FORUM #13 Storytelling and Health Care – how our Art does literal good

May 27, 2021 Thursday,20:00    -    21:30
In the course of their career, many storytellers face the healthcare system, sooner or later. Maybe they tell stories to patients or to professionals. Maybe they lead workshops and courses to help them tell their stories. Maybe they collect testimonies for projects that involve storytelling and other forms of art. In the past decades much has been done to bring storytelling into the healthcare system, but only recently we are starting to feel an active response from the inside of it, together with the need to develop a systematization of the procedures around it. During this FEST Forum, we will explore the most recent trends related to Storytelling in Healthcare and how these two realities are engaging to create a new coded discipline. 


Aurora Piaggesi (The European Storytellers Collective). Storyteller and digital content producer, Aurora has a long history of collaboration with the Healthcare system, where she has developed several projects. 


Prue Thimbleby (Leader of Arts & Heritage Team at Swansea Bay Health Board) presenting Storytelling for Health and the activities of the bi-annual International conference
Caecilie Liv Carlsen (Art Therapist - Nordic School of Arts and Health) presenting the initiatives that the NSAH has carried on to create a sense of community and well-being, especially during Covid-19.
Stefania Bargagna, MD (IRCCS Fondazione Stella Maris) introducing the concept of Narrative Medicine and how it has been included in the medical practice. 
Aurora Piaggesi: The struggle of recognition. The need for a systematic approach. "The impossible study" case.