Storytelling and Posttraumatic Growth

May 3, 2019 Saturday,00:00    -    05:51
Amari 740 61, Griechenland Get Directions

Storytelling and Posttraumatic Growth – Amari/Crete 
4th-11th May 2019
English and German

Intensive Seminar with 3 experts on the  Island of Crete in a mythical surrounding, strong and healing nature and Greek hospitality. With Minka Straube, Trauma Therapist and Pedagogue, Martin Straube, doctor of medicine, specialist for Trauma and Healing plants and Micaela Sauber, storyteller, Social Therapist and Curative Educator. This course is hosted by Friends of Amari and its Chair: Stella Kassimati, storyteller and workshop facilitator.

We invite storytellers, social workers, therapists, educators and teachers to develop methods and repertoire for their work with vulnerable and traumatized people in any age. There will be space  for your stories, for individual work with our experts and the group as well as designing projects to wherever your heart leads you. 

What is post-traumatic growth? – Some words by Martin Straube

People who have been through a crisis or a trauma have experienced something which those who have not so suffered will never know. They find themselves at a crossroad in their life, one which opens different possibilities of development. We speak of a post-traumatic growth when someone who has lived through a trauma can transform the experience into a positive manner.

A person who has lived through a dramatic situation will value the fact that they are still alive more highly than someone whose life has never been under threat. Having been unexpectedly granted an extension of life, the question of what to do with it is far more immediate than for someone who has never been confronted their life ending. Having experienced how others can help in extremity, human relationships and friendship are a greater gift: literally essential. Those who imagined they could never regain resilience, often feel as if a higher power has been involved, leading to a deepening of their spirituality.

Having gone through fire leads to a personal maturity and strength. In spite of the cruelty of the trauma, there is a change, a transformation, a finding of one’s identity. This can be an opportunity. This opportunity is in no way a justification of the trauma, but all work with traumatised people is based on the recognition that there can be post-traumatic growth; and that it is never too late. And positive stories of transformation can serve as a roadmap to find the way out of the depths.

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