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Summer Course: What Are You Talking About – Oral Storytelling in Contemporary Society

May 1, 2020 Friday,10:00    -    May 5, 2020 Tuesday,17:00
Berlin Career College Bundesallee 1–12 10719 Berlin Get Directions

In this course, oral storytellers are invited to explore their repertoire of traditional folktales with a focus on racism, gender and hetero-normativity. Through hands-on exercises, the workshop supports the development of narrative and performing strategies to creatively overcome ethical problems.

As oral storytellers, one of the essential aspects of our practice is the process of selecting, adapting and performing traditional folktales for contemporary audiences. In doing so, we often have to deal with problematic issues such as racism, gender or hetero-normativity. Traditional tales were fixed in writing at a certain point in history. On the one hand, we work with imported imagery when we tell stories from another culture. On the other are confronted with concepts and stereotypes present in our cultural background.