Symposium – ”The Art of Storytelling, an Interactive Methode in the Art of Education”

March 20, 2023 Monday,12:00    -    March 21, 2023 Tuesday,18:30
Facultatea de Sociologie și Psihologie - UVT - Bulevard Vasile Parvan, Timisoara, Romania Get Directions

On world storytelling day, we invite you to participate in the National Symposium with international participation "The art of storytelling, interactive method in the Art of education".

It takes place on Monday and Tuesday, March 20 and 21, both face-to-face (at the Western University of Timisoara) and online.

This events aims to promote good practices and innovative ideas about the art of storytelling in teaching-learning-evaluation activities, so the teacher can design and implement memorable classes and make learning motivating and effective.

The symposium is organised by the West University of Timisoara, the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, the Department of Educational Sciences and the AtelierR de Cuvinte Association in partnership with the Federation for European Storytelling, Timis County School Inspectorate, Aurel Vlaicu University in Arad, Faculty of Educational Sciences, Psychology and Social Assistance, Banățeni Teachers Association.

It is a symposium in which both international storytellers and teachers from preschool, primary, secondary, high school and university education will transmit and promote good practices about:

  •  Socio-emotional development through the art of storytelling
  • Development of attention and concentration through the art of storytelling
  • Interdisciplinary art and storytelling
  • Integration of didactic games in the art of storytelling
  • Developing imagination, creativity and vocabulary through the art of storytelling




If you're looking for inspiration on didactic activities by creative ad pedagogical experts your place is with us, because every educational actor is a storyteller. This symposium is about telling stories with impact, not just once in a while. The invitation is addressed to you regardless of whether you work in the field of education, public speaking, marketing, sales or tourism.

Symposium participants will receive a certificate of participation. In addition, the most successful works will be published at the West University Publishing House in Timisoara and on the Atelier de Cuvinte blog.
Access to the symposium is free.
Association members have free access to the video recording of the sessions.




You must select "Register for all dates below" and check the fields for GDPR. The registration confirmation email comes in automatically, check your spam/promotions. In this email, you will find a form through which we ask you to communicate whether you wish to participate as an audience, author or co-author, whether you wish to participate face to face or online.

Deadline for submitting the work is March 7, 2023.

Read the registration confirmation email carefully because you will receive the necessary details there.
We want to make this symposium a special event.
See you soon!

P.S. We hope you'll join us for open communication, inspiration, and practical ideas that you can immediately apply to your personal and professional life.
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