The Inner Wheel: Storytelling and the Four Temperaments

September 30, 2020 Wednesday,17:00    -    October 6, 2020 Tuesday,11:00
Amari, Crete Greece Get Directions

A knowledge of the four temperaments or humours were used by the ancient Greeks to diagnose and treat illness in the human body. The temperaments were linked to the four elements fire, water, earth and air and it was said that a whole, healthy person had all four temperaments in balance.

How can an understanding of the temperaments help us as storytellers bring more health and balance, spice and variety to both our storytelling and our storytelling repertoire? What undiscovered parts of ourselves could we bring to the stories we choose to tell and how might that change the way we tell them? Using movement, music, masks and storytelling exercises we will explore a story of your choice through the wheel of the temperaments – who knows what we might discover?!

This is a course for storytellers with some experience who would enjoy being stretched in a supportive, playful atmosphere which includes individual coaching. The timetable will allow for a free day where we might go to the beach or visit an ancient site and will feature the sumptuous Greek food of extraordinary cook Maria, the stunning, peaceful scenery of the Amari Valley as well as a deep dive into the art of storytelling with Sue Hollingsworth and Stella Kassimati.