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The story and creativity – online pilot workshop in storytelling and creativity

February 22, 2022 Tuesday,19:00    -    20:30

In connection with the ongoing Erasmus+K2 virtual reality project, an online pilot workshop will be arranged. The virtual reality project is being carried out by partners in England, France, the Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway (at OsloMet) and Poland and wants to study the online space used in teaching and as a place for performative expressions.

This pilot workshop aims to explore the themes of narrative and creativity based on the Norse myth about how the art of the skald was created, through an exploding practice. The purpose is not to tell the myth, but to use it as a creative starting point. The aim of the pilot workshop is to test narrative and creativity in an online context.

The pilot workshop is suitable for anyone who wishes to express themselves orally or in writing, whether artistically, applied or needs a refill for their own teaching.

The pilot workshop focuses on the practice of both the creative and the technical aspects of making narratives, primarily for oral presentation. The pilot workshop is largely process-oriented and is based on the participants' own activity.

The pilot workshop consists of three hours spread over two days, as well as assignments sent between the two days and will serve as a creative and reflective input in everyday life.

In the pilot workshop, we will try out different exercises to find a way to work virtually. It is explored in a mixture of physical, writing - and interaction exercises. Between the pilot workshop days, participants will receive emails with ideas and exercises they can work independently with, and it is suitable for anyone who works or wants to work creatively and performatively in teaching or on stage such as storytellers, educators, actors, writers, and other interested parties. The working language will be English.

There is room for 12 participants in the workshop.

The pilot workshop is free of charge.

Dates for the pilot workshop are:

22nd of February and 1st of March.

Time: 1900 – 2030 CET.

The pilot workshop is arranged through the online platform ZOOM.


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