Timezone Story Sharing Café

December 5, 2020 Saturday,23:00    -    01:00
Welcome to the Global Timezone Story Sharing Café!
In these times of isolation we want to reach out to the world and meet people living in different timezones to share stories together and get connected. This time we are coming to America!
Story Sharing Café is an easy and fun event where people from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds and realities can meet and share everyday stories. So grab your coffee or tea and come and share stories and memories in small groups at our virtual coffee tables hosted by members of our Story Sharing group. We also have live music and an open storysharing mic!
Timezone area for this café extend from the Davis Strait to the Cape Horn and in this event you might hear stories from the La Paz, New York City, Kingston, Quebec City etc… And of course from Helsinki.
Event’s language is English.
STARTING TIMES (EXAMPLES Check you local time!)
Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela 6:00pm (UTC: -4:00)
Peru, Columbia, Jamaica, Cuba 5:00pm (UTC: -5:00)
New York, Quebec, Toronto 5:00pm (Eastern Standard Time)
Texas, Missippi, Mexico 4:00pm (Central Standard Time)
Finland at midnight 12:00 (UTC: +2:00)
Of course everybody from everywhere else are also welcome join – Just check your local time!
There is limited space in this café so please register in advance: REGISTER HERE
We will be hosting the event on ZOOM. For the best experience please download the ZOOM App. Since this is an interactive event participants are required to have the camera and video on for the event.
Organized by Story Sharing Universum project in cooperation with Theatre House Universum and Samova Storytelling from Helsinki, Finland. Event is supported by Svenska Kulturfonden and Helsinki City.
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