VÅR: the story of Hervor premieres at Beyond the Border

July 6, 2021 Tuesday,21:00    -    23:00
Adverse Camber Productions
Join us for the premiere of this intimate, livestreamed storytelling event!

Norse mythology, autobiography & intoxicating music broadcast live from a beautiful Laftehus in Norway!

We are delighted to announce the premiere performance of VÅR: the story of Hervor at this year's Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival as part of their online programme - on Tuesday 6 July at 8pm.

Join us for the premiere of this intimate, livestreamed storytelling event, broadcast live from a beautiful laftehus in a Norwegian forest. This one-hour live, online performance is part of a two-hour immersive storytelling experience including a prologue, epilogue and 'story snug’ session.

Enjoy the trailer for VÅR: the story of Hervor and get a real feel for the piece!

artists Heidi Dahlsveen & Kristin Bolstad outside a log cabin with the title of the show and a red youtube play button From the quest for a cursed sword buried deep within the earth, to waiting on a platform in Paris, being watched by a stranger… VÅR blends the ancient saga of Hervor with autobiography, oral storytelling and electroacoustic music, in a captivating exploration of memory, loss, power, war and identity.

What happens when someone breaks from what is expected? How important is memory in forming our identity? How much do the stories that are told to us, and about us, make us who we are? And does our online world mean we no longer need to remember…?

Growing up, every Friday at school, Heidi Dahslveen was told stories about the great Norse Kings. But not once did she hear a story about a woman … 
Shining a light on the almost forgotten Norse myth of a Viking warrior woman, VÅR is created and performed by two outstanding Norwegian artists – storyteller, Mimesis Heidi Dahlsveen and composer and musician, Kristin Bolstad.
Discover a space where ancient and contemporary stories interlace, filled with striking original music, and be part of a brand new online storytelling experience!