Workshop series from listening to storytelling

June 17, 2024 Monday,11:15    -    11:15

The workshop is for anyone who wants to learn how to tell stories in an engaging way, as well as for librarians, teachers, employees of cultural and educational institutions who are interested in developing their storytelling skills.
During the workshop, participants will learn the basic principles of the art of storytelling, where the magic of storytelling comes from, understand how to tell stories in order to be listened to, learn how to skilfully use their voice and gestures and movement to bring a story to life, and find out that storytelling is not only for children, but also for adults.

Workshop language – Polish

On 16 September Tales under the open sky performance in the city of Wrocław.

Participants in the series of workshops from Listening to Storytelling together with professional storytellers will be able to share extraordinary stories, inviting the audience into a magical world of living tales. It will be an encounter with Polish and Slavic stories, as well as local testimonies of oral and written history.