Only 3 weeks left to register for the FEST Conference 2023, 14 - 16 June in Veszprém, Hungary!




We are proud to present the complete conference programme with workshop leaders and speakers from all over Europe. 

  • Midjourney: creating visual content for storytelling event promotion - Chris De Backer (BE)
  • Storytelling as a Tool for Social Transformation: Seen through the lens of Kalila wa Dimna Fables - Sarah Abusarar (CA)
  • Using stories and storytelling to externalize the locked-ins - Tom van Mieghem (BE)
  • How to integrate and use folk songs in storytelling to deepen the story? - Cecília Stenszky (HU)
  • Dear Speech, are you free? - Veva Gerard (BE)
  • The Queen of Irish Storytelling. The Stories of Peig Sayers, a conundrum. - Nuala Hayes (IE)
  • STORYTELLING IN THREE DIMENSIONS or How to fully unfold your story within the stage space. - Caroline Sire (FR)
  • Multi-Lingual Storytelling / Mamiaith (Mother Tongue) - Beyond the Border (UK)
  • Referring to the topics of ongoing revival of storytelling in Flanders, applied storytelling and/or professionalising storytellers. - Veerle Ernalsteen (BE)
  • THE DANCE OF THE STORYTELLER: production and perception of the rhythm - Davide Bardi (IT)
  • Performing Storytelling for toddlers and preschoolers - Johan Theodorsson (SE)
  • The wolf with the iron head - a folktale about addictions and self awareness (RO)
  • One Child is One Whole World: Bringing storytelling into the foster system - Csenge zalka (HU)
  • Storytelling for change - Joelle Smout (NL)
  • Fairy tale studio: Children telling stories - Spela Frlic (SI)
  • Paola Balbi and Davide Bardi "Stories of water and tales of fire"- the use of the 4 elements in the creation of a Storytelling Performance.
  • Storytelling for baby's and toddlers - Lieve De Meyer (BE)
  • Performing and Applied Storytelling working hand in hand for language learning and teacher training - Pauline Godson Oyoo (ES) & Paola Balbi (IT)
  • People, Places, Stories - Guy Tilkin (BE) & Shona Cowie (UK)