FEST Forum # 11 Folklore theories and problematic imagery in storytelling

11 March 2021

Starting with a brief overview on the theories and approaches behind the study of folk narratives since its romantic origins, this forum looks at stereotypes and problematic imagery in contemporary storytelling. Framed by nationalisms, theories of evolution, the colonial project and eurocentrism, the foundations of folklore studies are naturally embedded with prejudices with regard to the imagined « other ». Despite being overcome by more recent theories and approaches, these prejudices continue to determine our thinking about folk narratives, tradition and orality. As storytelling revival artists we are thus invited to consider their influence on our discourses and practices in the context of historical and present-day power structures.

Luís Correia Carmelo (PT), Florian Fischer (DE), Ragnhild A. Mørch (DE/NO), Abbi Patrix (FR)



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Mini research Ragnhlid A. Mørch

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