FEST Forum #2 - Applied Storytelling in the Corona Crisis

Thursday 14th May 2020

Sharing stories was rediscovered in times of corona. Strangely enough we, the international storytelling community, story practitioners, storytelling coaches and narrative therapists, always knew how important it is to share stories, both for personal development as for creating social impact and building connection.
And for giving meaning because:
People make stories, and stories make people: they determine the fabric of our lives and our identity'
(Christine Brinkgreve 2016).
For this reason, we would like to explore the ways sharing stories can give comfort in these difficult times, by focusing on concrete examples, coming from different directions and dealing with different groups.


  • The importance of sharing stories - Stu Packer, storyteller and storytelling coach
  • Storytelling and mental health in times of corona and afterwards - Eniko Szabo, storyteller and story therapist, Tipe Tupa, Romania
  • How narrative therapy can help us in times of crisis - Ovidiu Gavrilovici, Associate professor Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Romania
  • How to explain corona better, using stories - Giovanna Conforto, storyteller, story practitioner and lecturer at the International School of Storytelling An example from practice: Corona in the City, a project by Amsterdam Museum and many local partners - Maren Siebert, project manager Corona in the City (www.coronainthecity.nl)