FEST Online Forum #4 – Oral Storytelling & Video

June 11th 2020 @ 20:00 – 21:30 CET

Online is the new kid on the block. The current pandemic forced us to leave the stage, hopefully temporarily, and to look for new ways to share our stories. Although almost all of us agree on the fact that an online performance will never replace a live one, many storytellers started experimenting with recorded performances, because they want to stay in touch with their audience and they feel the need to keep sharing.

We welcome every new initiative to keep storytelling alive in these difficult times with open arms. However, these initiatives differ a lot from each other. Some are at a high-quality level, others come straight from the heart, but lack a professional approach.

In the fourth Forum we will take a look at some examples and discuss the opportunities these online media give us. In this we mainly focus on the use of video. But we will also talk about the limits and the reasons why not to use video. So, this fourth Forum will be another opportunity to share knowledge and to learn from each other in dealing with storytelling in these Corona-times.