FEST Online Forum #6 – Competence model for Oral Storytelling ‘Storytelling in 8 Colours’

September 17th 2020 @ 20:00 – 21:30 CET

In this session Veva Gerard will take you on a journey through the newly developed Competence model for oral Storytelling ‘Storytelling in 8 Colours’.

Are you an enthusiastic storytelling student who wants to evaluate and improve themselves,
or an inspiring storytelling trainer who wants to challenge themself and their students,
or an established storyteller who is curious for and keen on new input,
or a visionary headmaster who is looking for a framework to start a storytelling training,

Anyway, in this session you will find out more about the model and how it can be used

to inspire, invite, or challenge yourself and others, to improve, extend or complete your competences as a storyteller!