October 15th @ 20:00 CET

In the last few decades the world has been changing: the once static concepts of Gender and Sexuality has been growing and evolving turning into a multicoloured spectrum of endless identities;
And as our perception of the world changes so does the way we look at Stories. Looking at them through this new perspective could actually surprise us:
maybe some of those characters we always thought we knew, can show us a different overlooked side;
maybe under this new light those stories can show us different themes, new possibilities;
and if we bring this light to the audience when we tell the story,
maybe someone among them will see it and recognise it as its own.
“But why should I do that?” -may someone ask- “Why is this so important?” and “If I wanted to do it, how can I find that perspective?”

Let's Talk about this, let's all join in a Journey of self-awareness and understanding that will put us on the path of representation of minorities, and maybe... will give us some new perspectives.