October 15th @ 20:00 CET

In the last few decades the world has been changing: the once static concepts of Gender and Sexuality has been growing and evolving turning into a multicoloured spectrum of endless identities;
And as our perception of the world changes so does the way we look at Stories. Looking at them through this new perspective could actually surprise us:
maybe some of those characters we always thought we knew, can show us a different overlooked side;
maybe under this new light those stories can show us different themes, new possibilities;
and if we bring this light to the audience when we tell the story,
maybe someone among them will see it and recognise it as its own.
“But why should I do that?” -may someone ask- “Why is this so important?” and “If I wanted to do it, how can I find that perspective?”

Let's Talk about this, let's all join in a Journey of self-awareness and understanding that will put us on the path of representation of minorities, and maybe... will give us some new perspectives.


Privilege and Disadvantage Questionnaire


We used an adapted version of the Privilege and Disadvantage Questionnaire
Source: "Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice, Second Edition, Routledge, 2007"