SOLD OUT - FEST online Forum #1: Storytelling during Corona - Thursday the 30th of April, 8 pm - 9 pm (CET) 7 pm (GMT) / 9 pm (EET)

Without doubt, the current Corona crisis is affecting us all. Some lost all work, others are exploring new opportunities and taking new initiatives. Some of us might be depressed, other might see it as an interesting time. What connects us is that we all have to re-invent ourselves, just like everybody else in Europe and the rest of the world.
We feel the need to talk to colleagues all over Europe, to share feelings and experiences, to find mental support or even to get inspired.
That is why FEST will host online forums, starting coming Thursday, the 30th of April at 8 pm (CET). We invite you all to join and to discuss being a storyteller or a storytelling organisation in these crazy times. The gathering will be moderated by Senem Donatan Mohan and Arjen Barel.

We will start with some statements from FEST members, after that there will be time for everyone willing to express and discuss. We will try to host this forum within a 1 hour timeframe.

How to attend the event?

Registration is possible via this LINK or click on the button below.

The Forum will be hosted on zoom.
Remember to install the zoom desktop client on your laptop/PC, or the zoom app on your phone ahead of time.
You can do this via this LINK

No experience with using Zoom?

Click this LINK or this LINK for a tutorial.
Still have technical questions? Arjen will be online at 7 PM, before the gathering starts, to help you.

Technical details to attend the meeting:

Before the meeting, you will receive a link to access the FEST ONLINE FORUM.
Please make sure to link up 5 minutes in advance in case of technical issues so we can start on time.

We hope to see many of you on Thursday!

Note 1: We won’t focus too much on the pros and cons of on-line video performances, as we will leave that for a second gathering.
Note 2: Everyone is welcome, so don’t hesitate to share this message