FEST Survey Assessing the past looking towards the future

In November 2017 the Federation for European Storytelling received a Creative Europe network grant. The main objective was to raise the number, quality and international dimension of storytelling events and activities in Europe by developing the professional competences of the actors and stakeholders involved, by broadening the application field of storytelling and by establishing a European structure for sharing and cooperation.
Since then, the network grew; we now have 89 member organisations in 25 different countries. We built an international structure for cooperation to empower the world of storytelling in Europe through sharing, learning and relationship building. In the last three years, FEST organised and/or supported over 90 different oral storytelling projects in 23 different countries.

But now, at the end of this funding period, we would like to learn more about the impact of the Fest work at individual, local and regional/national level. Have we done the right things, and have we done things right? These data will be important for our final report to the European Commission but, they will also feed into new opportunities for European funding. Very soon, probably March-April, we will apply for a second round of funding for our network within the programme of Creative Europe. Fest also looks into opportunities for funding in the Erasmus+ programme.

Therefore, we need to know the needs, focus and interests of European storytellers and storytelling organisations in order to represent the field well, to respond to what lives in the sector.

So please, have a look at the survey below, answer the questions and give comments where you think you can offer useful information. Your input will help us to learn from the past and to be ‘on the ball’ for the future. We will collect and process the data and, where appropriate, create working groups for specific ‘chapters’ in the application. If you are interested in cooperating in this process, please leave your details at the end.

Thank you very much.

Deadline: 31/01/2021

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If you wish to examine the survey before answering you can download the questions here.