June 8, 2022

The Italian Storytelling Centre is a research group that explores and shares experiences around applied Storytelling.

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Asociación Tagoral

November 29, 2021

Our objectives: We wish to promote, improve and disseminate oral narration within the community of the Canary Islands, to compile and prepare documents on the narrative trade. To create areas for reflection and research on the trade and promote the training of professional and people interested in storytelling. We want to disseminate and report on issues related to the professional activity of oral narration and their working conditions. Your expertise: Our area of work is, mainly, scenic storytelling. However, we seek to create synergies with other scenic disciplines and we delve into the work of narraturgy. Your activities:  We want to connect with new voices, learn about new ideas, and strengthen our ties with the community of people who are dedicated to this profession. We bring people together to teach courses, workshops; and we are creating an International Storytelling Festival. 

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Moth and Butterfly

May 25, 2021

Moth and Butterfly is a storytelling/arts collective, that incorporates Improvisation, true stories, fictional and traditional folk tales. We also run a yearly festival with tellers and audiences from all over the world taking part. At our monthly ‘flagship’ night in Galway, stories are a combination of the ‘CREW’ of storytellers, invited guests and some contributions from our audience/listeners. We are one of Galway’s most treasured arts nights, and we aim to showcase and nurture many different types of storytelling, both in Ireland and beyond. What is your expertise? Our core group is comprised of arts professionals who are Storytellers. Members are also poets, writers, musicians and facilitators. Our artistic director is a storyteller, writer, performer and master level improv facilitator. We work with multilingual, improvisation and tandem telling as well as traditional and personal stories. What kind of activities do you organise? We organise a monthly night of storytelling (online during Covid 19) An annual international festival (online for 2021) of storytelling and improvisation. Collaborations with national organisations such as Poetry Ireland and Culture Night Ireland. Collaborations with festivals such as Body & Soul, Galway Theatre Festival, Yarn Festival Bray, Athenry Arts Festival, as well as bespoke arts events.

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Action Art / Εικαστική Δράση

March 5, 2021

Action Art is a place of storytelling, art education, action and communication.

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Csűrdöngölő Kulturális Egyesület

November 19, 2020

Csűrdöngölő Kulturális Egyesület is regional cultural public benefit association located in the center of Hungary.

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Homo Narrans Institute for research and development of storytelling forms

June 11, 2020

Homo Narrans is young NGO, established mainly to produce international storytelling festival in Ljubljana, which is one of the oldest of its kind in Europe; in 2020 we are producing the 23rd edition of the festival.

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LunarSea Storytelling

June 2, 2020

LunarSea Storytelling, hosted by Xanthe Gresham and Fleur Shorthouse, aims to host the best international performance storytellers based in the UK and to provide a hub for other storytelling groups in Sussex: South Downs Storytellers, Newhaven Guesthouse Storytellers, Hove Conversation Cafe and Worthing Storytellers. We organise storytelling events, podcasts and online performances

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Associazione Culturale CulturalPro

January 31, 2020

CulturalPro is an Italian based no-profit organization that was founded in September 2017 with the purpose of promoting the social and aesthetic potentials of intercultural exchange. Our broad cultural program includes educational, social and artistic initiatives which aim at enhancing global awareness and communication at a national and international scale. CulturalPro is composed by a collective of professionals of the cultural sector who have brought together their individual skills and expertise in order to develop new social, ethical and aesthetic values which express the features and needs of nowadays society. Driven by a strong European identity and principles of unity and cooperation, our project proposals are set within the framework of EU cultural, educational, social and environmental policies. Our projects aim at producing and promoting a wide range of expressive mediums as means for enhancing awareness, social aggregation, identity integration and constructive dialogue. We privilege interdisciplinarity and multiculturalism. CulturalPro benefits of a wide national and international network in all fields of cultural production and its everyday goal is that of exploring untapped synergies and creating new visions for the future. We are a collective of Artists, Educators, Curators, Cultural Policy experts and Art Managers who collaborate to create innovative cultural productions and creative synergies. For the past two years we have been working with different storytellers and are experiencing new pathways of collaboration between oral storytelling and other forms of arts, knowledge, research or culture in general. We work with all forms of arts and prefere interdisciplinarity, combined arts, pluriculturalism and multilingualism. Through our cultural events and proposals we like to portray the rich, complex and multifaceted qualities of human beings, nature and society.

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Asociatia Tipe Tupa

January 31, 2020

The Onceuponatime Festival / Holnemvolt Székelyföldi Mesefesztivál aims to at the popularisation of folk tales, understanding and putting into practice the wisdom, experience and messages inherent in them for centuries. Tipe Tupa Association in Sepsiszentgyörgy, Hungary organises a yearly international storytelling festival around the Day of the Hungarian Folktale, September 30, the twelfth anniversary of the birth of Elek Benedek. We explore Folktales and stories for children and adults of all ages. We organise lectures, workshops, self-aware, self-directed group activities. The distribution of the myth of “fairy tales for children” and the practical use of fairy tales are important to us. Our goal is to showcase the multifaceted application of the tale (in psychiatry, prison, addiction, loss processing, education, family, etc.) and beyond, until the dawn … , framing, the tale-listening trance, and the healing power of fairy tales!

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Stiftinga Hilmar Alexandersen

January 30, 2020

The Hilmar Alexandersen foundation is a nonprofit organisation operated by a board of directors.The mission statement mandates the work of this organisation is to advance cultural traditions, defined as the intangible cultural heritage as adopted in the 2003 UNESCO Convention for the protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage (https://ich.unesco.org/en/convention). As storytelling is one of the five domains outlined by the UNESCO convention, the board has determined that this should be an additional priority area in addition to the already existing areas of folk music and folk dance. The foundation is establishing a network in central Norway comprised of members who have a connection to storytelling. Members include: Hilmar Alexandersen Foundation Egge Museum, Stiklestad National Cultural Centre Nord University Steinkjer Library Explorative AS /Visit Innherred Friends of Fosdal Mine (Fosdalgruvas Venner) Gruveteatret i Malm (The Mine Theater in Malm) Tindved Kulturhage AS (Tindved Cultural Centre GalleriWidegren AS (the Widegren Gallery) Malm Hotel AS Midtnorsk Fortellerforum (Central Norway Storytelling Forum) Hegdahlgården (Hegdahl Farmsted) Saemien Sijte (South Sami Museum and Cultural Centre) The network approaches storytelling as: A cultural inheritance with emphasis on Norwegian and Sami cultures An educational tool for all ages from beginners to those at a University level A scenic art form A tool to enhance and promote: tourism, marketing, experiences (for example: film, plays and performances)  

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