Why Join FEST?

Being a FEST Member is…

  • being part of a professional international network,
  • raising issues and questions or specific interests to your organisation,
  • working together to ensure a sustainable and professional environment for oral storytelling,
  • participating in conferences, symposia, fora or other meetings,
  • exchanging and sharing knowledge with colleagues
  • being represented in and partnered with other European associations and networks


FEST is a place where you can build expertise on European storytelling, share skills and ideas, network with other storytelling groups, initiate cross-cultural collaborations, and receive European storytelling information.

  • Full FEST Members contribute to the future of FEST: they get to vote on how FEST will be run, contribute to the agenda of the annual meeting, amendments to our practice, etc.
  • Full FEST Members can nominate and vote on the locations of upcoming conferences and members of the Executive Committee; they vitally contribute to Conference Programming.
  • FEST Members get priority at the Conference Hotel and Conference places; they pay a reduced price for the conference.
  • FEST Members receive open calls for storytellers, experts and ambassadors at events all over Europe.
  • FEST members will get a personal members page on the new FEST website with several possibilities: Personal information page, share activities on the website and social media, access and share research, possibility to share information in the online FEST newsletter,…

The current membership fee is € 75 per calendar year (Jan-Dec).


Membership Criteria

  • National or regional organisations with legal status (a charity, non-profit or similar, has a board of directors, has members, states in their articles of memorandum that the company furthers oral storytelling)
  • Storytelling organisations with legal status, minimum 2 years running
  • International organizers of festivals which have been 3 or more years running and in which the programme consist of at least 70% storytelling events and features two or more foreign storytellers
  • Educational Institutions: Universities/Colleges offering storytelling as subject and Storytelling schools that have been two or more years running.

Young organisations which fulfill all criteria except: Storytelling organisations with legal status, minimum 2 years running, 3 years running for festival organisers.

  • This membership allows all benefits – but NO Voting and EC candidate nomination
  • The organisations will automatically become full members when they fulfill all criteria (gaining voting rights, etc).

This applies to storytelling organisations outside of Europe and/or schools, museums, cultural institutions, companies and other organisations who wish to join but do not have storytelling as their core activity

  • This membership allows all benefits – but NO Voting and EC candidate nomination
  • Restrictions apply to Political Parties and other bodies FEST may perceive as unethical (such as weapons manufacturers, oil companies etc ) at their discretion.

Membership is NOT open to:

  • Individual storytellers
  • Organisations whose main aims are to promote an individualstoryteller.

Art. 2.2: An interested party shall ask for membership by sending an application to this effect to the Executive Committee of FEST. Acceptance as a member shall be decided upon by the Executive Committee during its first meeting after reception of the request for membership and if all membership criteria has been met.

The members shall be required to pay an annual subscription the amount of which shall be decided upon at the General Meeting.

Art. 2.3: Members may resign from the Association by sending a letter or an email to this effect to the Executive Committee.
Termination of the membership may only take place from the end of the Association’s financial year.

Members who resign or whose membership has been terminated lose all rights over the Association’s assets on receipt of a written acknowledgement to the letter from the Executive Committee, or at the point at which terminated membership is otherwise notified in writing to the member concerned.

Art. 2.4: Each member of the Association shall have one vote in the General Meeting. Members who do not exercise their vote in person or by proxy for two successive meetings thereby cease to be members.