Invitation to participate in FEST project activities & application for support!
Dear Organizers,
The FEST network received a Creative Europe NETWORK grant to set up a series of storytelling activities in Europe. The general aim of our project is to increase the number and improve the quality of storytelling events and activities in Europe, to develop the professional competences of the actors and stakeholders involved, to broaden the application field of storytelling and to establish a European structure for sharing and cooperation.
In order to achieve this we created a working plan for 4 years. This plan is approved by the European Commission and we are offered a grant of 80% of all costs to realise all plans. This grant comes on a yearly basis.
We are looking for organisations all over Europe willing to organise storytelling events and activities that fit into the priorities and work plan of year 1 of our project (1 June 2017 ? 31 May 2018). You can find more information in the document attached below.
Please send us your ideas and plans and budget by using the form attached by the 10th of September at the latest! The project team will evaluate the applications and select the best ones. These initiatives will be then supported by the project. This support will come in the form of e.g. storytellers, speakers or workshop leaders that will be made available for your event (travel, accommodation and fee covered by the project up to 80% max.)
Send your applications to the FEST mailbox at !
If you know other organisations that might be interested in this call, please forward it to them!
We look forward to working with you!
The FEST Committee