Action Art / Εικαστική Δράση

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Action Art is a place of storytelling, art education, action and communication. A Nonprofit organisation (NGO, founded in 2009.

Member of the Anna Lindh Foundation (Intergovernmental Institution for Building Trust and Mutual Understanding of Mediterranean Residents and Citizens)

Mission and objectives:

Dissemination of the Intangible World Heritage, of the World oral tradition

Contribution to the promotion and restoration of the social, pedagogical   and educational function of art, storytelling, myths, legends, tales.

The democratization of art.   

Encouraging young people to participate in cultural creation.

Awareness of cultural diversity, volunteering, solidarity, active citizenship, the principles and values ​​of the European Union.

Promotion of non-formal and informal learning, environmental and intercultural education through different art forms

The development of actions for vulnerable groups (minorities, refugees, etc.) and social inclusion programs.

The development of cooperation and synergies between associations, organisations, bodies and NGOs in Greece, Europe, the Mediterranean, the Balkans.


Action Art organises cultural events, festivals and its educational awareness programs. It collaborates with city schools, libraries, cultural centers, museums, organisations dealing with socially vulnerable groups, and the local community including volunteers through the ESC program.Some of the programs target education for refugee and immigrant groups. The programs are aimed at young people, children and adults, with a particular focus on young people and vulnerable groups.

The programs are implemented by collaborators of artists, pedagogues, experienced and specialised narrators knowledge, some of them participate voluntarily, others with a working relationship with the organisation. The organisation provides special training programs for skills development and specialised knowledge for its volunteers.