Adverse Camber


Powered by a dynamic team we discover the stories that need to be told and shape and share these in theatres, neighbourhoods and public spaces across the UK and the world.


People are hard-wired for stories. Stories tell us about our deepest motivations and desires, what justice and injustice look and feel like, and who we want to be.  We all tell stories, all the time – for fun, to share experiences, to create bonds and connect. 

Experiencing richly imagined stories told live, together with other people, drawn from a mix of ancient legends, real life experience, and new textures of possibility, is a joyous and vivid experience.  It plunges you deep into lives of others and returns you safely home - changed.

Adverse Camber is an indpendent production company and registered charity, powered by a dynamic team of freelance creative producers, artists and associates. We were founded in 2006 with the ambition to create more access to and more ambitious artistic support for storytelling.

Now our work has transformed, and continues to grow, to include national, international and locally relevant projects exploring the power of stories in a changing and challenging world.

We know stories can create positive change and this is what drives us.

What we do

In all our creative work, we listen to storytellers and communities. Together, we discover the stories that need to be told, and we shape and share these in theatres, neighbourhoods and public spaces across the UK and the world.

We nurture the power of all our imaginations to open new horizons.

We spend our time...

  • commissioning and producing storytelling and music performances, events and tours. These include sharing epic stories from Northern Europe, West Africa, Wales and Kurdish Iran with international and intercultural ensembles, to story walks in our local town centres and events in libraries and communities
  • providing training and developmental opportunities, skills-sharing and professional development, live and online
  • producing bespoke co-creative projects, designed with and for communities, currently focused on young people age 11+, including care-experienced young people and an international collaboration between the UK and Eastern Africa/Northern Kenya on themes of climate justice
  • embedding research and learning across our work, driving future investment in creative and community practice