AtelieR de Cuvinte

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AtelieR de Cuvinte is a national organisation witch objective is to promote and integrate storytelling in education.

Our objectives are:
1. Organising storytelling showcases trainings, seminars, conferences, public debates.
2. Development and implementation of educational platforms, information materials, etc.
3. Development of own programs and in partnership with public or private educational and social entities in the country and abroad.

What is your expertise?

- Webinars about storytelling and improvisation for teachers
- Trainings about storytelling and improvisation for teachers
- Workshops with stories and improvisation for students
- Networking
- Copywriting for storytelling

What kind of activities do you organise?

We organise each month a free webinar for teachers on storytelling and improvisation. We established a Romanian Storytelling Community Facebook group that has currently about 2.7K members.
4 Times per year we organise a 6 week training for teachers about storytelling and improvisation. After graduating this training, the participants could continue their practice through our Storytelling Circle.

What is your motivation to join FEST?

Our motivation to join FEST is to be part of a professional international network, participating in conferences, symposia, fora or other meetings, exchanging and sharing knowledge with colleagues.