Berättarnätet ÖST C/o Pelle Olsson



The storytelling network East serves as a contact network for people who are interested in oral storytelling in Stockholm and its surroundings - both storytellers and listeners, and works to increase knowledge and interest in the oral storytelling art.

BNÖ spreads the oral narrative art through both established businesses and new ones, with varying forms of stories - fairy tales, legends, myths, life stories and novels -. With activities that engage many storytellers and reach large groups of listeners. And with events that create meetings between people based on different experiences and cultures. BNÖ develops and forms collaborations with other organizations, to offer people ways to enter the narrative movement, both for listening and telling themselves, into current operations and new ones. In addition, the association develops forms to spread the oral narrative among children and young people.

The association runs  established activities such as Storytelling Evenings, Storytelling Square,Storytelling Slaughter and the Hosts Storytelling Day and especially attracts new listeners to storytelling. The same goes for the Story at the Beachfront, which reaches many new listeners at new locations in the archipelago. The association creates collaborations with several courses, both for people who want to develop their storytelling, and to reach new storytellers. New collaborations were initiated for the intercultural narrative, for new collaborations and forms of work for the children's story.