The Centre for Narrative Leadership is a not-for-profit network open to all those who are interested in exploring and developing the field of storytelling in organisations and the art of narrative leadership. We hold annual gatherings (June or July) on topical themes and different aspects of our work. We operate as a community of practice and inquiry, sharing our knowledge, experience and ideas freely as peers and colleagues. There is no formal membership scheme and all events are run at cost.

Telling a coherent and convincing story that acknowledges where an organisation has come from, recognises the realities of the present situation and offers a worthwhile future is the basic task of narrative leadership. It is crucial for our future – especially at this time of urgent environmental, social and ecological challenges – that we develop skill and discernment in telling and listening to leadership narratives.

These pages will show you something about our work in the Centre as we develop the practice of narrative leadership in all its guises. Use the resources on this website freely but please acknowledge their source and let us know how you are using them.

Geoff Mead, Director