Emerson College School of Storytelling


Emerson College is a centre of education for adults that addresses the need for human approaches to today’s urgent questions. It provides opportunities for learning and transformation through education, practical initiatives, research and community building. Emerson's aim is to develop, practice and share ways of working and living that encourage free thinking, imagination and responsibility in the world.

Emerson College offers accredited vocational courses, and non-accredited programmes for personal learning and development. Its mix of full time, part time and short courses includes:

  • biodynamic horticulture and natural ecology
  • education
  • health, healing and care
  • performing and visual arts
  • social ecology and community building
  • inner development and consciousness studies

Emerson's approach works not only to deepen students' understanding and ability in each subject, but to explore the contributions that each subject can offer to the other - for example, the connections between healing and the arts, or natural ecology with inner development. Theoretical study is combined with practical work to integrate learning through head, heart and hands.

We also offer venue rentals, conference facilities, performances and events on our beautiful campus.

Emerson brings together ideas and people from all over the world to learn, work, and live in a sustainable, transformative, and natural environment. On these pages you can learn more about who studies and works here, life at the College, our ethos and governance.