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"Erzielkonscht" is a freshly created association that aims to:

  • support and promote the art of oral storytelling, by touching a diverse public in a national and international context.
  • contribute to the professionalisation and the recognition of the art of oral storytelling in a national and international context


It pursues these aims by several means:

  • artistic creation, production, diffusion, publication
  • the organisation of activities linked to oral storytelling, as further training, animation or participative offers in a large sense.
  • the information and awareness-raising of a wider public
  • the interpellation of private and public institutions with the aim of a recognition of the art of storytelling
  • the national and international representation of the luxembourgish storytelling sector
  • the possible federation of storytellers working in Luxembourg as well as every person supporting the aims of the association

What is your expertise?

Luisa Bevilacqua and Betsy Dentzer, both trained in Brussels (Théâtre de la Parole), resp. in Berlin (Universität der Künste), have been working as full-time storytellers for 10 years now. Since the beginning of their activities, they have been creating their own story programs for different audiences. Both have been working in further training for teachers and educators and have been invited to storytelling festivals, mostly in Belgium and Germany. Furthermore, they have been cooperating with storytellers from differents European countries.

What kind of activities do you organise?

We mostly concentrate on the organisation of storytelling events in cooperation with theatres, cultural centres, social institutions, communes etc. and working together with artists from different fields.

In October 2021, we started a radio show  about storytelling, touching the more literary part of our profession, but also talking about different subjects existing in oral literature and how they can link to our everyday life. This show will run over 2 years.

On a long term, we'll try to federate the storytellers working in Luxembourg, resp. motivate people interested in storytelling to follow training and guide them.


7th November 2021

RadiOdyssee, 2nd show (Radio 100,7)


25th - 29th November

project Tête-à-Tête, Kulturfabrik Esch, Kulturhaus Niederanven, Prabbeli Wiltz (L)


5th December 2021

RadiOdyssee, 3rd show (Radio 100,7)



    Erzielkonscht has recently started to work on the project CONTE-QUEST.

    The purpose of CONTE-QUEST is to build up the loyalty of an adult audience over the long term. To reach this goal, the artists explore new artistic forms that go beyond traditional shows and conventional frameworks.

    The project spans two periods (2021/2022 & 22022/2023) and has two main components:

    - a monthly radio programme on storytelling called RadiOdyssee

    - several storytelling evenings in unusual locations in the City of Luxembourg as well as a more elaborate storytelling show presented on the theatre stage at the end of the project in summer 2023.