Federatie Nederlandse Vertelorganisaties


The Federation of Dutch Storytelling Organisations aims to contribute to the emancipation of storytelling, both artistically and applied, within the Dutch society. In this way the organisation is similar to FEST, but on a national level.

Vision on storytelling:

We define storytelling as the oral transmission of stories. Since the beginning of time, storytelling and stories have given people the means to understand and come to peace with the world surrounding them. Stories can explain the workings of the world, create understanding between different cultures, pass on knowledge, experience and legacies throughout time and can give hope and direction to those wo feel lost. Today, more than ever, we live in a world that is always developing and globalising. In these constantly changing times, the need for stories and storytelling
and storylistening increases.


To play a leading role in the emancipation, increasing visibility and professionality, of storytelling within our rapidly changing society. Both as a performing and as an applied art form.

What is your expertise?

The eight member organisations - storytellers network, storytelling schools, festival organisers, agencies and applied storytelling organisations - are all major contributors in a diverse range of aspects of the storytelling field. All of them have different areas of expertise in which they operate such as education, performing art, applied storytelling, cultural heritage.

Our members:

Stichting Vertellen, Vertelacademie, Theaterbureau Het Verteltheater, Storytelling Centre, Productiehuis De Verhalenboot, Mezrab House of Stories / Mezrab Storytelling School, StoryTrail, Platform Levensverhalen.

What kind of activities do you organise?

We hold two General Meetings a year. Throughout the year different members work together on different topics.
Our main goals are in the fields of heritage, education, social and personal development, storytelling as performing arts and young storytellers. In our first year we achieved to add 'Verhalen Vertellen' (oral storytelling) on the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage: https://www.immaterieelerfgoed.nl/en/page/2234/verhalen-vertellen
In our second year we are starting up projects on training schoolteachers in storytelling, and investigating the role of applied storytelling in vocational education.