Foundation Fabula



The Foundation is established to conduct comprehensive activities in the field of developing the art of storytelling and storytelling as part of broadly understood culture, art and education. The goal of the Foundation is to popularise the art of storytelling, support creative activity among Polish storytellers, create places and situations for oral storytelling by creating structures adequate to the vision and practical needs of storytellers.

Our goals are:

  • Popularisation, dissemination and promotion of the art of storytelling.
  • Organising, supporting and animating cultural, artistic, educational and social initiatives.
  • Creating opportunities for comprehensive development of Polish storytellers.
  • Creating opportunities to present your own stories.
  • Promoting the art of storytelling by Polish storytellers in Poland and abroad, especially in European countries.
  • Developing and promoting the idea of education through storytelling.
  • Development of the so-called fairytale therapy by creating a safe zone to share your own experiences (feelings, emotions).
  • Support of the so-called social diversity by creating space for dialogue and integration.

What is your expertise?

Foundation established by: Alia Kubicz, journalist, lecturer, storyteller from Wrocław, a person involved in social and cultural activities, namely: a doctor of humanities, an active storyteller who actively participates in the activities of the Polish storytellers community, and has performed in Wrocław, Świdnica, Opole, Łódź, Radom and Warsaw, organiser of the storytelling projects called "I am a Superhero/Superhero" and "Byliny to nie bliny" as part of Microgrants in Wrocław (November, 2022),  organiser of the international scientific conference "Discussion about the Homeland. Media image of national identity” (UWR, 2015) and an active person with interesting ideas. Alia is a fan of the Slavic epic (Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Balkan). She grew up with Slavic fairy tales, so she would like to share the wisdom hidden in perennials - Slavic Epic Songs. She is fascinated by the mighty men of Kievan Rus, especially the mighty women - fighting women. She talks because she would like to transport both the listener and herself to the magical world of stories... She has organised more than one evening of stories called "Fighting Woman", which was dedicated to the image of a brave power woman.

Alicja Malec, a pedagogue by education, a therapist whose fairy tales, fairy tales and stories have been close to her since she was born. In her bachelor's thesis, she studied the influence and reactions of selected fairy tales on children before World War II and nowadays. Currently, she uses fairy tale therapy and art therapy to work competences. She also cooperated with the Lower Silesian Integration Forum as a crisis consultant for people with disabilities. She is passionate about stories about life, stories of ordinary people and the recorded image that accompanies it (photographs, illustrations). She likes telling fairy tales and legends in the bosom of nature, during mountain hiking, using her experience gained during the course of Sudeten mountain guides. Recently,
she has also started to create her therapeutic fairy tales and expand her knowledge and skills towards the art of storytelling.

What kind of activities do you organise?

So far, we have managed to organise several storytelling workshops for beginners. Let's develop ourselves in running workshops on storytelling as fairy-tale therapy and art therapy, including focusing on expanding emotional and social competences, especially when working with children.

What is your motivation to join FEST?

We want to become members of FEST to be part of a professional international network of storytellers. We are sure that this will open up a number of opportunities for us, we will be able to learn from you, develop and acquire knowledge related to storytelling. We also want to be able to participate in conferences, symposiums, forums or other FEST meetings, and to exchange and share knowledge with colleagues. And we also want to have contacts with other European storyteller groups for the development of cooperation.