Goldmund Erzählakademie


The Goldmund Erzählakademie understands storytelling as a modern speaking profession in a long tradition, belonging to the performing arts.

With its seminar locations in Munich, Starnberg, Würzburg, Cologne, Frankfurt/Main, Kassel, Freiburg (Germany), Bern (Switzerland) and Goldrain (South Tyrol) it is a well known educational institute for narrative skills in the Germanspeaking world: These include a certificate course (narrative training), an autumn academy, a variety of InHouse offers and many individual day and weekend seminars to learn freely, orally.

Our storytelling students in our Goldmund Narrative Academy are encouraged to deal with all types of text suitable for free storytelling. In addition to classical folk and art fairy tales and mythology, this also includes contemporary narratives and, last but not least, biographical materials. In the words of one of our club founders: "Anyone who learns to tell stories with us can also tell the weather report excitingly."

In addition to the large "stages" and small storytelling events, we have been concerned with language and speech promotion for children.
We are particularly pleased with the (re)discovery of storytelling with pictures: storytelling with the Kamishibai. A close connection and exchange of knowledge with the Don Bosco Media House also makes it possible for us to tell the latest Kamishibai picture sets. In the storytelling with pictures, we rely on a lively, dialogical atmosphere that needs authentic narrator personalities.

The "Goldmund narrators" are characterized by great liveliness and spontaneity compared to the text-bound narrators. They learn nothing by heart in order to be able to respond to their audience at any time.

The people who devote their time to professional narrative development belong to all age, education and professional groups.
The association Goldmund e.V. and the Goldmund Erzählakademie was founded in Munich in 1999 by the narrator and author, Dr. Norbert Kober, and is enjoying growing popularity not only in professional circles.

In the meantime, around 600 narrators have already been trained by the Academy as part of our certificate course. They carry good stories, freely and well told, into the world every day, reminding them of the power of good stories for children, adults and seniors.


Berufsbegleitende 1,5 jährige Ausbildung zum*zur  Erzähler*in

Wie jede Kunst beginnt auch das freie, mündliche Erzählen mit dem Handwerk, welches durch Übung zum Meisterwerk  und durch Hinzufügen von Liebe und Kreativität zur Kunst wird.

Jeder Mensch kann erzählen. Aber ausgebildete Erzähler machen ein Erlebnis daraus! Und darauf kommt es an - und wenn Sie sicher sein wollen, das Handwerk fundiert zu erlernen, dann sollten Sie über unser Ausbildungsangebot zur Goldmund Märchen- und Geschichtenerzählerin / zum Goldmund Märchen- und Geschichtenerzähler nachdenken.

Mit diesem Zertifikatskurs schenken Sie sich eineinhalb Jahre Fantasie, Gemeinschaft, Weiterbildung und vielleicht einen neuen Beruf.

Nächster Ausbildungsbeginn Januar 2022 im Bildungshaus Armstorf, Bayern, Germany :

  • Woche I:  26. - 30. Januar 2022
  • Woche II:  13. - 17. Juli 2022
  • Woche III:  21. - 25. September 2022
  • Woche IV:  18. - 22. Januar 2023
  • Woche V: 14. - 18. Juni 2023
  • plus Repertoiretage / Netzwerktreffen fakultativ, Termin frei wählbar

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