Holnemvolt Storytelling Foundation


Mission Statement:

“The Holnemvolt Storytelling Foundation aims to promote, spread and cultivate international storytelling in Hungary, to build and strengthen Hungarian-international storytelling relations, and to promote Hungarian storytelling traditions abroad.”

The Holnemvolt Storytelling Foundation was created to continue and expand the work started with the creation of the Holnemvolt Festival, Hungary’s first (and, to date, only) international storytelling event. The founding document of Holnemvolt lists the following activities aimed at fulfilling its mission statement:

– Organization of regular storytelling events (contests, workshops, story slams, festivals, etc.)

– Representing Hungarian storytelling traditions at international events (festivals, conferences, workshops, educational institutes, etc.)

– Making sources about Hungarian storytelling available abroad and promoting them

– Creating contact with Hungarian communities outside of Hungary and cultivating and promoting Hungarian storytelling in an international context

– Sharing and promoting international storytelling resources in Hungary

– Creating and sharing educational resources about storytelling

– Hosting international storytellers visiting Hungary and introducing them to Hungarian audiences

– Helping Hungarian storytellers traveling abroad and introducing them to the international storytelling community

– Developing, promoting and cultivating the online presence of storytelling (social media, websites, digital archives, interactive media)

– Educating and helping the next generation of storytellers in Hungary and making resources and information available to help their professional development

– Contact and communication with Hungarian and international professional organizations whose main focus is storytelling and oral tradition

The Holnemvolt Foundation focuses strongly on cultivating Hungarian-international storytelling relations. If you are an international storyteller planning on or interested in visiting Hungary, please don’t hesitate to contact us.