Lighthouse Academy


We are a welcoming English academy. Do you want to learn English in a fun way? At Lighthouse Academy we teach English to boys and girls from the age of four, as well as teenagers and adults.
The story is a language resource to help you remember phrases and words better and better. At Lighthouse Academy, through storytelling and related activities we teach our students to understand reading comprehension and to express themselves in the language. We believe that this is the foundation of the teaching of any language and a link to English literacy skills.
What is your expertise?

1. Teaching children English through storytelling
2. Provide teacher training courses in schools , universities and teacher training colleges

What kind of activities do you organise?

Teaching through stories.
Storytelling sessions at public libraries and other public events in cooperation with several town councils

Why Join FEST? 

To learn more about the art of storytelling, listen to ideas of how it is beings done in Europe.listen
and share experiences that can sharpen our skills. Listen to challenges and solutions in the field.
Meet people of like minds and passion.