Mermaid Co Wicklow Arts Centre


Mermaid Arts Centre opened in 2002. It is a leading space where ideas, creativity, imagination and artistic expression find a natural home. We make and present excellent cultural experiences which delight, engage and inspire.

Mermaid exists as a place of interaction between artists and the public. Artists and audiences are at our heart and we are a space for fun, entertainment and for making and enjoying art. The Centre exists to enrich the communities of County Wicklow, by providing and encouraging participation in quality artistic experiences as a leading centre for the arts in Ireland. Mermaid is a creative hub and artistic resource for County Wicklow, creating opportunities for Wicklow audiences to enjoy high quality national and international art spanning all art forms and supporting Wicklow based professional and amateur artists and companies.

While our vision reflects a wide range of interests our key role is as a place for people to gather and our success as a local centre in Wicklow for creative enterprise ensures our appeal to national and international artists and visitors.

Underlying and informing our vision and our remit are three core pillars of activity:

• CREATE a hub for creative entrepreneurs in Wicklow
• PRESENT wide ranging programme across disciplines
• ENGAGE communities and build networks